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UPDATED January 2023

The Kiwanis Miniature Train is a Goldsboro legend. Since the Kiwanis Club of Goldsboro purchased the train for use in Herman Park in 1955, the little engine and its two cars have carried families around the track every summer (except 2020, due to Covid epidemic). 

It's a family tradition in Wayne County.


The new train, manufactured by Swannee River Railroad Company in Lufkin, TX, was delivered in May 2022, and went into service on Memorial Day weekend. The original train that operated for 68 years in Herman Park was sold and moved to Vermont (see History tab). 

The project's original goals: 

1) $110,000 - NEW TRAIN, including travel & set up

2) $  10,000 - NET BRICK PATIO COST (replacing concrete)

3) $  30,000 - COVERED TRAIN PLATFORM (conceptual!)

    $150,000 - Total costs

Initially, the goals beyond the new train itself were modest - a cover above the passenger loading sidewalk. What happened amazed and delighted us! A coalition of local construction companies stepped up to volunteer their time and talent to upgrade the original train station. Joe Smith, Goldsboro PE, designed a walkway cover connected to a beautified train station, complete with new windows and a patio tripled in size. 

Sources of cash for project:

$178,500 donations from companies, families and non-profits

$  55,500 cash reserves set aside from years of train operations $  28,900 from sale of the old train.

$262,900 TOTAL SOURCES  

Uses of cash:

$103,000 - NEW TRAIN, delivered May 2022

$  33,000 - engraved bricks, including literacy bricks

$136,000 - PAID so far

$103,300 - Train station new roof & expansion

$    9,200 - balance of bricks, including filler bricks

$    3,500 - large tree removal

$  10,000 - construction contingency

$262,000   TOTAL USES

$       900   Cash remaining

A new roof will cover the existing passenger station, the train loading sidewalk and an expanded patio full of engraved bricks. We are so grateful! and proud to be a part of a community that would do this for youngest citizens. 

This new train experience will make family memories for the next almost 70 years! Our thanks to those individuals and businesses that have been so generous in making this update possible. 

BRICKS CAN STILL BE ORDERED through midnight, Monday, January 31, 2023, the expected start of train station & patio construction. Got to Bricks Tab.

Kids are at the heart of our Kiwanis Club and all others around the world. We are so thankful for the hundreds of Kiwaninians who have driven the train since 1955. They have

given children many laughter-filled memories of growing up in Goldsboro. We welcome community members to join us for service, fun and fellowship. Dates and times of Kiwanis Club of Goldsboro meetings are routinely publicized on our Facebook page. 

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THIS WAS OUR PLAN approved in August 2021 by the Goldsboro City Council.

The Kiwanis Club of Goldsboro has undertaken a project in honor of its 100th birthday to raise funds (to supplement set-aside funds from ticket sales for capital needs) to:

1. Replace the train with a modern replica that should last another 70 years.

2. Replace the concrete patio and sidewalks around the train station with long-lasting laser-engraved bricks.  

3. Construct (if funds allow) a permanent train platform cover, to add to the fun of coming to Herman Park. 

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